A good Owner/Tenant Representative
should be able to do one thing exceptionally well…


Take great care of YOUR interest

Our most important service is the peace of mind you receive thru our stress free turn-key system. Whether you seek consultation for your existing team or guidance for your project from concept to completion; the ICOR system is rooted in an expertise cultivated over a century of combined experiences.

We arrange the pieces, lead the team and communicate your intentions through all or any one phase of the project development process:

  • Space Acquisitions
  • Design Development
  • Budget Management
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Occupancy

And we do this fully committed to your interest as your representative eyes and ears. It is our belief that our team must stay responsive and accountable to those we represent through the major phases of all projects.

So you get to keep your mind at ease. We have the experience to know what to do…the knowledge to know the very best way to do it…and the relationships to know which pieces to put into place to complete the puzzle.

And as your Project Manager we do it all as an extension of you.

Put your project in the capable hands of the ICOR team.

Contact us and let’s talk about your project.

ICOR is the only Owner Representative Project Management solution to represent your interest from

idea to occupancy!

  • Space Acquisition

    ICOR’s friendly staff are ready and willing to assist in fending off the sell hungry wolves of the NYC R.E. industry and insure that your firm meets with brokers that care, are respected in the industry and will seriously take your firms needs into account.

    We have developed contacts over the last 40 years with “Real” RE Brokers whose sole existence is NOT the bottom line but the right fit at the right price. The types of brokers that in today’s NYC market are rare, in fact very rare to find. Whether the location is SOHO, NOHO, Midtown or the Battery Class A,B or C buildings our team will walk the streets with you to find the right space.

  • Design Development

    Whether your firm DOES or does NOT have a design team in place – ICOR personnel will insure that based on your size, budget, fit out type and space requirements an “appropriate” recommendation / selection is presented and then following the RFP process selected.

    No need for a Park Ave Retail type design team when your company is looking for an open work environment and vice/versa. Don’t spend Soft cost dollars unnecessarily when the real cash flow should be directed at the end product and the final result. NYC has the right person for your Project – we make sure that fit happens.

  • Budget Management

    Over the years our team has encountered the single greatest dilemma in this industry. Someone designs something that someone cannot afford? Then you the client comes to the Project Management team (if you have one) and requests assistance. The next comment we typically hear is “Why so expensive – can we build it cheaper”

    The process must always start with the “Magic Number” your firm is willing to expend X amount on this project and not a penny more. This enables ICOR’s team to have control over what is designed and eventually bid out and finally built – within an industry standard of 7% +/- of approved budget.

    If the client allows the design team to draft/design the Taj Mahal you shall receive Taj Mahal pricing and the budget is blown without a nail or screw driven on your behalf and the design team has alreadyreceived a portion of their fees…. How infuriating isn’t it? Insuring that this does not occur to our clients is the primary goal from inception. Right space, right price, good design, proper functionality and ultimately satisfied customer.

  • Procurement

    Regardless of what custom specialty, service and or product that your firm is lookingfor ICOR will provide contacts and quotes to insure what you are looking for is provided. Furniture, faux finishes and or even custom fish tanks we know who to call. Our Project Managers have a large network of contacts/vendors that can assist in making your retail and or corporate fit out successful and ultimately meet your needs.

  • Construction

    Whether your firm HAS or HAS NOT utilized ICOR’s services in the previous steps(Space Acquisition, Design Development and or Budget Management) will make a difference to your bottom line, but skipping this step is outright dangerous. There are only a handful of people in NYC thatcan recommend without some type of bias a proper/suited GC (General Contractor) to fit the project type and size without any “Conflict of Interest”.

    There are but a few True/Blue PM’s and firms that can say they do NOT have specific/strategic ties to other organizations which would make the selection and or recommendation process impartial on behalf of the client.

  • Occupancy

    Consultation with the Landlord, acquiring the tenant fit our contribution if there is one, meeting with third party inspectors and getting signoffs from them. Meeting with NYC DOB inspectors regarding multiple trades and disciplines, obtaining final “Certificates of Completion” from NYC Dept. of Buildings Division. DEP, DOT and or ECB approvals from all city agencies if applicable.

    ICOR insures that the GC completes the punchlist issued by the design team, tenant and ICOR PM’s. We check that payment requisitions are in proper order have been verified and properly routed. Our PM’s check that all release of liens, have been accounted for throughout the buildout and that the building does NOT attempt to overcharge for freight, rubbish & misc. building services – as typically occurs!!

    Finally, we insure that after the FFE (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment) is completed installed properly the client / tenant moves in without any issues and can occupy and conduct business quickly without any downtime. We assist with closeout contracts HVAC, Water treatment, etc… to make sure you are taken care of after everyone leaves.