About Us

I am a real New Yorker! It’s readily apparent in how I walk, talk, conduct my business and most of all how much I love this city. And early on we ran a steadily growing business before the sky fell in and our lives changed forever.

Our original firm, CPM Inc., which was the third largest Owners Rep firm in NYC was dedicated to a singular line of business. This separated us from other NYC Owners Rep services. The way CPM operated created no conflict of interest between other lines of business in NYC making us unique sough after.

Then IT happened. And like everyone else who was here when IT happened we lost…more than I care to say.

About a year after that devastating day in September, along with the rest of this city, and country, we began to experience some financial difficulty. Our efforts to stay true to who we were as a company paid off in the short term.

The Port Authority of NY and NJ needed representation in building out several million square feet of space for survivors and employees who were hired after the destruction and into the cleanup stages.

CPM Inc. dedicated a year and a half to complete this monumental undertaking but in the end we got it done! All the personnel, staff and executives moved into and fully occupied their new professional home. The sense of accomplishment we felt was overwhelming! And we learned what it truly meant to be called NY Strong.

We’d lost so much and it helped us to heal knowing we helped others who had lost just as much if not more to get back to being able to rebuild the infrastructure of our wounded city. The people who build and maintain the airports, bridges, tunnel, ports, etc now had a space where they could get back to doing what they do best…make us feel safe. To this day it is the single greatest professional accomplishment I’ve felt in my life.

A year later we couldn’t keep the doors open and CPM Inc was acquired by one of our clients marking the low point to match the high we felt a year earlier. I stayed on for two years and couldn’t stand to see what the firm we created had become. The clients’ needs weren’t being made the priority any longer and it sickened me.

I left to go gain some peace of mind and decide what I was being called to do next. 9/11 changed all of us! I needed with every fiber in me to get back to being of benefit to the client, because in my view they were being taken advantage of city wide.

Eventually we came full circle back to being the most dedicated Owners Rep firm in NYC. ICOR Solutions is what came from the collapse of CPM Inc and the sheer desire to be a part of the solution 9/11 stirred up in those of us who were here when it happened.

Now I just want to complete what we started so long ago. We are a real Owners Rep firm dedicated to the greatest city in the world assisting clients with their projects plain and simple. Fair price for fair work unlike what other large conglomerates are claiming they are but are NOT.

And if we were good enough to be called on by this great city to rebuild…why can’t we be good enough for you.

ICOR is the solution…NY Strong! Efficient. Reliable. Dependable.