Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is an Owner’s Representative?

    Simply put, the Owners Representative/Tenant Representative is the front line between the client and a multitude of consultants, contractors, managers, building personnel and a gamut of other misc. entities that need to be controlled and kept in check on the Owner / Tenant ‘s behalf. The sole purpose of the OR/TR is to insure, that the project is built on time, on budget and within industry quality standards.

  • What Is a Project Manager?

    Project Managers do just that…manage the project. A Project Manager is hired when project planning and process developments are needed. Project oversight until client occupation is also the PM’s responsibility. It is also the job of the Project Manager alongside the Owners Rep to ensure the project is on time and on budget. The PM oversees the hiring of subcontractors, manages and initiates contracts then orchestrates the pieces in a way where everyone can be successful. The most basic difference between ICOR Personnel and the all other “So called Industry PM’s” our staff actually knows how to read blue prints! (That’s the truth folks).

  • Why Should I Care About Having an Owners Rep if the Project Manager Can Do It?

    One reason stands out more than any other. Project Managers in most cases work for the General Contractor. Your PM can only place your interest first as long as they align with his boss. At this point your Project Manager becomes an Agent Rep Project Manager. Agent Reps have interests which could very well conflict with yours. ICOR Solutions first duty as an Owners Rep Project Manager is to protect and promote your interest first. THAT’S THE DIFFERENCE!!! No one in the industry wants to say that aloud ICOR DOES PROUDLY! – No Affiliations.

  • Project Means, Methods and Communications

    Simply put it is essential Pre-Project interaction be intense, once the space and design consultants are set on a path directed by Owner and ICOR; the interaction slows until a preliminary set of plans is available. ICOR at that time begins the CD (Construction Document) budgeting process to determine the customer expense exposure; thereafter further meetings are held with all to insure both Budget, Look, Schedule and expectations are met for the client. Once this is complete ICOR begins its due diligence in obtaining competitive bids from competent and trusted General Contractors thereafter Levels the bids and recommends the contract award.

    Once the project is underway typically weekly meetings are held and ICOR personnel issue minutes, track and negotiate change orders, monitor scheduling and resolve field issues that some Consultants are inexperienced in handling.

  • I Only Have An Idea Of What I Want. Can You Help Me?

    ICOR Solutions prides itself on its 100 plus combined years of industry experience and the relationships that comes with it. An idea is all we need! We have developed invaluable industry relationships over the years with Brokers, Building Managers, Architects, Engineers and a myriad of consultants to insure the right fit is afforded your firm. Example - If you are a Restaurateur, Residential developer, Clothing retailer or an Accounting firm we have the right team to suit your needs exclusively.

  • Will I Need To Be Involved With Permits and Licenses?

    ICOR from concept to closeout will insure that the NYC DOB process is managed with the utmost care and due diligence. Typically on our projects the towards the end of the project building management requests the closeout documents on a project; ICOR’s typical answer is “you had them a week ago” In NYC today this process and follow through is paramount and your Landlord Contribution / Tenant Incentive is dependent on this, ICOR knows it! a

  • What Should I Do First?

    The first thing anyone should do when deciding to develop real estate is hire a professional! There are far too many traps and pitfalls awaiting the unseasoned. Only look for companies employing time tested pro’s with relationships to support experience. ICOR Solution is such a company. And our guarantee to you is we will get your project started, completed and turned over to you without you ever having to commit any of yourself to the process. You get to have a stress free experience because of our commitment to your project.

    Send us a message or shoot us an email. Let’s discuss how the ICOR Solutions seamlessly gets your project from concept to creation. All you will have to do is turn the key